2020 Happiness – American TV Programme Surveying What Makes Us Happy

This 2008 American TV programme makes a broad global investigation into what makes happy…

Happiness – How We Are or How We Think

This part of the programme looks at Sonia Lyubomisrky’s work and identical twins to investigate how much of our happiness is down to our genetic makeup and how much is determined by our attitude to life and the ways we think about things.  The conclusion is that nearly half of our happiness comes from how we think, and that we can increase our happiness by deliberately choosing how we use our minds, for example by focusing on what are grateful for, being optimistic and concentrating on the positives more than the negative aspects of our lives…

Searching for the happiest place on earth

This part of the programme explores the social and other conditions that affect our happiness levels, starting with an exploration of life in Denmark, the country that consistently ranks as the happiest place on earth in Happiness Index surveys…

From Denmark to Singapore, the happiest country in Asia, to look at what conditions there are contributing and countering people’s happiness: stability, wealth and the making time with to enjoy being family…

Following Your Dream

This part tells the story of a Washington speech writer who made his dream happen – building boat out of wine corks and sailing it down the Douro River in Portugal.  “Happiness happens one moment at a time” and every one of us has a cork boat waiting to be made real…

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