about performance~marks

sounding out happiness & uncovering great experience

~ a tangling of two inquiries ~

I have made this space to bring and tease out my thinking and ideas about two of the central areas of my life and work:

does this sound like happiness…? 

~ our pursuit of happiness and what we know and can learn and might share and discover and weave together to progress us in our universal quest towards happiness, with particular attention to the different voices who have something to tell us if we choose to listen.

what makes this a great experience…?

~ an ongoing inquiry into what helps to make, or unmake, great participant experience, drawing from my different experiences making creative learning programmes, making sound and performance, and being in an audience.

Both of these concerns have been lifetime preoccupations that now seem to be crystallising into more defined and explicit concentrations of activity.

As BridgeBuilders STG …

we have more than 20 years experience making bespoke coaching & training programmes in creativity, communication, leadership, team working, high impact speaking and action learning, always with the aspiration to help people to be happier at work, to inspire the people around them and to thrive on change.   We are now offering a growing menu of programmes that explicitly help people to explore and extend their Happiness at Work understanding and capabilities.  And because our programmes are always bespoke, we work from a deliberate approach for making the experiences we bring as worthwhile and enjoyable as they can possibly be for the people we make them for.

As alchemy live art …

we aim to make exceptional experiences from our sound and performances, made out of the mix of live performance and audience memory and imagination .  We are interested in leaning in to try and hear what happiness might sound like if we really tune into the polyphonic chorus of disparate overlapping voices  . . .

~ the echoed voices of the experts from our history mixing into the sharper calls of the experts of today, sounding out their claims in all their different keys;

~ undermixed with the voices of the artists who, distrusting any sureness, bring us far more difficult, ambiguous and uncertain cadences;

~ mixed across with the voices of people we recognise from our daily lives, the choruses we hum to ourselves and the songs we might hear from the people we know and live alongside, refrains made wise through the immediacy of the living they have come from, from the truths they tell and the truths they veil;

~ and somehow too, we want to be able to hear the voices that are absent, silenced perhaps or willfully silent, because they don’t get asked, aren’t expected to matter, are not supposed to be relevant to the great work we are engaged in.

Alongside, across and in parallel with our workshops, sound and performance making I am opening this space to bring and extend my thinking.

Please feel very welcome to bring your own thoughts, ideas, questions, doubts and conclusions.

mark trezona

6 thoughts on “about performance~marks

  1. Hi Mark,
    I work at Goldsmiths University and am trying to trace the impact of Anna Furse’s work (she is an academic here). For various reasons to do with the new ‘impact’ assessments of universities, this is important to help support the drama department at Goldsmiths.
    You mentioned Anna Furse’s play The Peach Child in your blog a while ago (I found it on the old site) and I really liked what you wrote about it – it was very much the angle I am trying to take with my report. Would you be able to tell me how many readers/followers your blog has, please (and at least guess at how many it might have had in 2008)? I think it should be a lot as it looks like a great blog!
    Thanks very much, and all the best,

    • Hi Lucy
      and many thank your for your lovely words. (and apologies for the long time it has taken me to respond to you)

      I’ve tried to find out how many followers without success so far – will have another go and ask for help from my more technically literate friends, but don’t hold your breath I’m afraid.
      anything i can discover i will come back to you with
      meanwhile, thanks again and good luck with it all…

    • Hi Vicki
      Thanks for your message. Some of the pictures are mine but mostly I source images from http://photopin.com and use them under the Creative Commons licence. I am no expert about this, but what I understand is that all of the photos they show under Creative Commons are usable provided you attribute them (and they have a great link code too do this really easily) and then if you click on any photo you can check it’s specific licensing and whether e.g. it’s available for commercial use (many are) or whether you can use it in a derivative form (again some are). Hope this helpful Mark

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