sounds like happiness

My final MA show at Goldsmiths was called ‘Chasing Happiness’ and was concerned with our perpetually illusive quest to catch and hold happiness despite our centuries of preoccupation and accumulated wisdom on the subject and despite the fact that we live in a world of unprecedented levels of health, security, wealth and leisure activity.

The subject and its questions have stuck and I have continued since to research widely and look and wonder and read and listen and think and marvel and despair and talk in and around the whole domain of human happiness ever since.  

~ What does happiness mean?  

~ What do we know about happiness and how does this help us to be any happier?  

~ What say the voices of wisdom from our human history?  

~ What say our contemporary experts, commentators and policy makers?  

~ What say our artists?

~ And what about the lived through truths of happiness that might be heard, if we asked, from the voices of the people we live alongside? 

This quest and querying through these questions is becoming my new life’s work, and this new blog is a staging post to help me along my way with this. It is born from a readiness now to try and fleece out and knit together my own thinking and ideas alongside and in conversation with the very many voices already at this table.

I hope this blog will make a good relation to my older audience experience blog, which i will continue to use to tease out what seems to make great audience experience from my experiences watching and making performance.

It will also form a third aspect to the two other Happiness projects we are already making:

as alchemy live art we are slowly drawing out a theatre show that will aim to bring together a polyphony of different voices who have something for us to hear about happiness, called to help us consider whether we humans are ever likely to be able to create a true and lasting paradise on earth,

and an evolving menu of training and creative workshops aimed at helping people to be happier at work through our company BridgeBuilders STG.

I am making this blog as a space to discover my own thinking alongside an archive of the different sounds of happiness that I might want to applaud and delight in, boo, hiss or cry at, or simply display…

mark trezona,

london, march 2012

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